Learn How to Make a Blog by avoiding Horrible Mistakes

Do you want to make a blog? Alright!

I am here to help you how to make a blog easily.

There are so much confusion in the mind of most newbie bloggers. They don’t understand from where they will start and from which way they will go to become a successful blogger.

Don’t take any tension. I have shared all the things to start a blog. In the article, you will get full package about blogging.

I have shared my knowledge about creating a blog that I have learned till now. There is no limit to learning about blogging. I am also learning now. I think my knowledge will help you very much.

This article is not only for the beginner. This will help from a beginner to an experienced blogger. That’s why carefully read and follow the instruction which I have written.

I have started my blogging career in 2010.

That time, I had written many paragraphs with the help of my class book. This was a fun time. I didn’t know anything about blogging. At that time, a memorable day was coming. I will not forget about this.

One day I searched “How to make a website” on Google. That was changed my life to take my step in the blogging industry. After searching for the result, I have found some article which helped me to create a blog on Blogger.

That day was a memorable day in my life. From that day, I have searched more and more about this and my journey was continuing.

I have shown what I have learned, watched, and researched until now from that day in the article.

I have shared all the things deeply with detailed pieces of information.

Let’s focus and move on to the full package.

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online journal website that is full of pieces of information.

What is a Blog

In the blog, an individual or a group of writers share knowledge on a particular subject with detailed pieces of information. It is in chronicle order with text, image, and videos.

It is like an online diary. In my opinion, this is the best option to engage with people through your word.

What is the purpose of a blog?

Mose of the company has their own blog. There are also few blogs for an individual for whom who wants to show their skills, show some information to others. A blog basically shows content, event, announcement, etc.

There are different kind of purposes to create a blog,

  • Promotion of a product or service.
  • A kind of event.
  • Some kind of announcements.
  • Share information
  • Tutorials for a company product.

Should I start a blog?

I have shown the main purposes of a blog. Basically a blog is used to spread information to others. The blogging idea was started rapidly a few years ago. From that time, it helps both creators and readers to engage easily.

A newspaper or a magazine is a physical content and the blog is online content. No difference between them.

There are some important reasons to make a blog,

  1. It helps to build an online brand.
  2. It also builds your community.
  3. A blog helps to show your skills.
  4. This Improves your writing.
  5. It allows for potential financial growth.
  6. A blog helps to tell your story.
  7. It helps to meet and know new people all over the world.

Many bloggers think that blogging is very difficult at this time because of higher competition. But I think if you will share unique and quality content on your site, you will be a successful blogger. There is no doubt about this.

If you are ready to start a blog, you can generate online money through our tutorials. I have made this tutorial through simple and easy processes. You don’t need any advanced technical knowledge.

Sounds good?

Alright! Let’s move on.

Is it the Best Time to Start a Blog?

There is no perfect time for Blogging as I understand. Many newbie bloggers say that they don’t find any keyword which has low competition.

I see the word as a joke.

Because if you want to focus on your blog and blogger career, you should make your content relevant to the topic with brief details.

Content is the king. If your content is unique and valuable, readers will just to your blog.

And your keyword…

How to make a blog for free
Should I start a Blog?

The world is changing, new things are coming, choose from the unique. Don’t focus on high search value or CPC, focus only on a keyword which is new and medium search value.

Make a blog and write your content. You will find the path of success.

If you want to start a blog for free, you may choose Blogspot by Google. This is a very good platform to make a blog without any investment.

But if you want to start a money-making blog and have decided to start your blogging career by only focusing on it, go to WordPress and you need these three essential things.

  1. Perfect Domain.
  2. Reliable Hosting.
  3. Light-weight WordPress Theme.

I will assist you to find the best results of these essential things to make a blog on WordPress.

Choose the best Domain Name for your blog

Domain is a Brand. People will know your blog through the name. A perfect and catchy Domain Name can attract your readers to remember it.

Always keep in mind to choose short and medium length domain names, because a long name can’t be catchy as a brand name most of the time. Short but perfect name is very good.

I am giving you an example about these…

Think your website is about Hotel Reviews. You may choose a domain like besthotel, hotelsforyou, yourhotel, findhotel, besthostels, etc. But don’t choose such as hotelsisforyou or yourbesthotelsinindia.

These names are not cool.

Use Lean Domain Search, Namemesh, Namechk to find your perfect Domain Name to make a blog.

You may buy domain from Godaddy, Namecheap, Hostinger, Hostgator, etc domain provider company.

Last but not the least, always choose top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, etc.

Find the Best Hosting for your WordPress website

Web hosting is the heart of a website. Without the best web hosting, it is not possible to do SEO and rank higher on the search engines.

You may see that the top pages that rank on the first page of Google, load very fast.

I have researched with different 50 keywords to see that which pages are ranking on the first page of Google, more than 75% of those sites loaded in 3-4 seconds.

Janty Ghosh

You may think that the site speed is very important for any website. That’s why you should choose the best web hosting to start a blog.

Before buying a web hosting, also check the uptime offered by the hosting provider that is reviewed by any blogger who used this.

There are different types of WordPress hosting available such as Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and managed WordPress hosting. As I have said that if you don’t have budget, you may make a blog for free on Blogspot.

Managed WordPress hosting is the best choice to start a blog smoothly. As I used Hostinger Shared Hosting for the first time when I had started DigiBusk.

Now I am using EasyWP managed WordPress hosting. It is very fast and reliable and also budget-friendly for beginners.

EasyWP. It's time for the fastest WP host

There are several things that you should keep in mind before buying a hosting:

  • Shared Hosing is for only small blog.
  • Don’t find for any cheap hosting.
  • Always try to find better quality hosting that gives reliable speed and up-time guaranty.
  • Always find reviews who used the hosting which you want to buy.
  • Try to choose those hosting providers who provides live chat support.

There are the best choices for you are Siteground, Dreamhost, Bluehost, EasyWP, etc. I would recommend you to use EasyWP because this managed WordPress hosting provides reliable uptime and speed in low budget.

Choose the Best WordPress Theme

The best theme can reduce site speed. Many premium theme have lot of customizations to give an attractive look to the site. But those theme has heavy JS and CSS that takes so much time to load fully.

As I use GeneratePress Premium Theme but there are also two other options Astra and OceanWP. 

If you want to use a free theme then the GeneratePress or Astra is the best option to choose. This theme has premium versions that provide lots of customization to give a simple but attractive look to the site.

I will recommend you use the GeneratePress Theme that is a very light-weight WordPress theme. You may read my review about the GP Premium Theme, the fastest WordPress theme to boost the site speed.

These are the best options that you should use to start a blog. These essentials things are very important. Follow my choice to get a great push for your blog.

Now I am going to tell you how to make a blog on WordPress that will give you an exact proper idea for both newbie and advanced blogger.

How to Start a Blog on WordPress

I hope you have chosen your domain name with perfect hosting and WordPress theme as I have recommended. Now it’s time for the setup WordPress for your blog.

Start your Blog on WordPress
Start your Blog on WordPress

Carefully follow all the steps below. I am going to show from beginning to end.

1. Install and Active WordPress

WordPress installation on a website is a very simple process. If you have shared hosting, just follow the steps below to make a blog.

I have shared the steps for shared hosting on Hostinger CPanel.

If you are using another CPanel such as Hostgator, BlueHost, Godaddy, etc. There are the same types of processes that you have to do. All are the same, if you see this carefully, you may do this in any CPanel by different hosting providers.

Let’s open your CPanel by logging with the valid credential. In the CPanel, You will find many types of applications such as WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, phpBB, Prestashop, Drupal, etc as like of this picture.

Applications in CPanel
Applications in CPanel

Just click on the ‘WordPress’ to install WordPress on your blog. In this section, set the administrator username, password, email, and Website title. But you may edit or change the details later.

Install WordPress in CPanel
Install WordPress in CPanel

You have to keep in mind to give the proper email address for security.

WordPress installation will take some time to complete the procedure. After installation, open your admin URL and login through the administrator’s valid credentials.

WordPress Area in CPanel
WordPress Area in CPanel

If you are using managed WordPress hosting, the WordPress installation stayed automatically in the hosting. I use EasyWP and showing the procedure of this.

In managed WordPress hosting, there are preinstalled WordPress. You don’t need to install WordPress manually. Just reset your password by going to the admin section of the WordPress dashboard only.

EasyWP Dashboard
EasyWP Dashboard

I will recommend you to use the EasyWP for budget-friendly and speed with free SSL and CDN.

WordPress is most popular than the Blogger platform for its plugins. There are millions of plugins that help you to customize and grow your blog. That’s why every blogger wants to start a blog on WordPress from the beginning.

There are different types of WordPress plugins that you may install from WP Dashboard easily. There are both free and paid plugins for WordPress. In the WP Dashboard, all are free to make a blog.

You are required to install some plugins to do SEO, Marketing, Design, etc. I am going to recommend some plugins which are need for your blog and those plugins will help you so much.

Let’s see my plugin (FREE) list…

  • SEO: Yoast SEO (recommended), WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math (recommended), All in One SEO Pack.
  • Cache: WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, LiteSpeed Cache (All are Recommended). W3 Total Cache is for advanced users.
  • Image Optimization: Smush, ShortPixel Image Optimizer, Imagify – WebP & Image Compression and Optimization (All are Recommended).
  • Security: Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan (Recommended), All In One WP Security & Firewall.
  • Forms: Contact Form 7, Contact Form by WPForms – Drag & Drop Form Builder for WordPress (Recommended), Ninja Forms Contact Form – The Drag and Drop Form Builder for WordPress. You may use Google Forms for Free.

These are my recommendations for plugins that are required to make a blog. To run a blog, these are enough but you may use some other kinds of plugins such as:

  • Author Box Plugin.
  • Gallery Plugin.
  • Social Share Plugin.

The plugin list will not end but I always recommend using the properly required plugin. Because extra plugins can slow your site to load fully which may break the user experience.

3. Create Posts and Pages

WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor helps to create posts and pages easily. You will make webpages through the block editor by creating proper sections that look like very simple but attract readers.

WordPress Block Editor
WordPress Block Editor to Make a blog page

To create a new post go to Posts > Add New and if you want to create a new page on your blog, go to Pages > Add New from your WordPress dashboard.

In the page creating area, you just need to click on the “+” icon to add a section. After clicking, find any types of blocks such as Paragraphs, Heading. Embeds, etc to add in this page section to make a blog page.

WordPress Block Editor Section
WordPress Block Editor Section

This editor helps to attract readers’ eyes and this is another reason to choose WordPress. You may make a blog by these procedures.

This was the procedure to make a blog on WordPress. Follow these methods to build a blog.

Now I am going to show how to start a blog on Blogger.

Many newbie bloggers don’t have enough budget to make a blog on the WordPress platform. That’s why they choose Blogger to start their own blog by only purchasing a domain name or without purchasing a domain name.

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

How to Make a Blog on Blogger

After purchasing a domain or without a domain you can make a blog to be a blogger. Go to https://www.blogger.com/ and click on the ‘Create Blog’ from the left section.

1. Set Blog Name and Address

After clicking on the ‘Create Blog’ option, you will see a pop-up window to set the Blog Name. In this section, give your blog name.

Set Blog name to make a Blog
Set Blog name to make a Blog

Thereafter you will get another pop-up window to set your blog address. Give any username like example123, example567, etc. If any username available, you can save the changes.

Set Blog Address on Blogger
Set Blog Address on Blogger

You could change the web address later if you want to add your domain to the blog.

You will set your blog name and blog address through this process.

2. Choose Blogger Theme

To make a blog on the blogger platform, you need to choose a theme for the blog. Go to the ‘Theme’ section to find the best theme for your blog. There are lots of premium themes in the theme section.

Choose any of the themes and apply them to your blog to customize. You may buy a premium Blogger Template to make a blog.

You have to set some customization from the setting section of Blogger to make a blog. I am going to show some basic settings to start a blog on Blogger. Basically there are different types of customization.

But I will show some basic settings and how to add a custom domain on blogger.

Blogger Basic Settings
Blogger Basic Settings

In the basic setting, you can set blog name and description. You may also change blog language and set Analytics to see the insights of your blog on Google Analytics.

The blogger setting is very simple from WordPress but limited. If you have a domain, you may add the domain to the blog to make a blog perfectly.

Add a Custom Domain to Blogger
Add a Custom Domain to Blogger

You can add a custom domain to your blogger blog from the publishing section of the Blogger Setting.

You have to go to the section and click on the ‘custom domain’ option. A new popup box will open. Put your domain name in the box with www (if you don’t need subdomain).

Custom Domain to Blogger Blog
Custom Domain to Blogger Blog

After typing the domain in the box, you will show a message in red-colored. You need to set as the message instruction. In the instruction, you will find two CNAME records like the above picture that you should add from your domain provider.

You will successfully add a custom domain to blogger to make a blog by changing theses DNS records.

I have shown the procedure of both Blogger and WordPress platforms to make a blog easily. Carefully follow the steps to start your blogging career.


I think that you have understood to make a blog to start a blogging career. There is no difference in Blogger and WordPress to be a success. WordPress only helps to customize easily but required some investment. But in Blogger, you may don’t invest to start a blog (if you don’t want to purchase a domain).

After creating a blog, focus to create backlinks to grow Alexa Rank of your blog that will help to grow fast.

What are you using? Blogger or WordPress?

Also if you are facing any issues about this, don’t hesitate to write in the comment box.

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