Top 3 Creative Ways to Earn Money on TikTok in few days

TikTok is a Chinese video sharing platform. This app is now leading as a social media platform. TikTok was first launched in China market in September 2016.

In India, this application is spreading out, basically in youngsters. Many users are earning from TikTok by sharing short videos. Also, many users are finding methods to earn money on TikTok.

TikTok application is available both on iOS and Android versions. You can also surf the web version of this app from your PC or laptop.

TikTok basically a short-video sharing platform such as,

  • Short Dance or Acting
  • Lip-sync with song or dialog
  • Comedy
  • Others short type videos

In this article, I will share the top ways to earn money from TikTok.

Are you curious to know about these?


Let’s move on to learn about earning on TikTok. Carefully follow my methods.

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How to Earn Money on TikTok

Before earning on TikTok, you have to ensure two things on your profile,

  1. A huge number of followers.
  2. Sufficient engagements.

1. Sponsorship

There are millions of brands in the online industry. The marketers of these brands basically use ads service (Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc) to promote their business. But nowadays influencer marketing is growing up day by day.

84% marketers are using influncer marketing for huge success.

Lilit Broyan

Influencer marketing has some advantages,

  • Accurate calculation of engagement.
  • Opportunity to find the best influencer from a huge number.
  • Easy to use marketing tools to grow business or sell a product.
Influencer Marketing

A marketer get those information before marketing by observing a creator post’s engagements.

Basically a marketer finds an influencer by observing some theory,

  • Speak
  • Good attitude.
  • Efficiency to serve a product.

TikTok is now growing in the video-sharing platform. As this support short-videos, it helps the marketer to show products by the influencer. Many product marketers are targeting this platform to sell their products.

TikTok user is promoting Amazon product
TikTok user is promoting Amazon product

In this way, many TikTok creators are generating huge revenue.

But creators should follow some rules to earn money on TikTok by sponsorship. To get sponsorship from many companies follow these,

  1. Focus on the content niche.
  2. Grow followers day by day.
  3. Grow engagements to your post.
  4. Focus on your attitude in videos.

I think you have understood about TikTok earning from sponsorship. But I know there is a question from a new TikTok creator who didn’t earn a single penny through the way.

Don’t be panic. I am here.

In the beginning, you have to approach the company. There is a simple method for you.

Search a new company related to your video niche. Find their contact email and contact them through the email.

I have given an example of an email to help you to earn money on TikTok.

Contact for Sponsorship Email
Contact for Sponsorship Email

Always try to find a newly launched company when you are a new creator on Tiktok.

If the company wants to give you a low budget amount, accept the offer without any hesitation. It will help you for the next time when the company will get profit from your promoting video.

TikTok Earning

That’s why don’t ignore any low budget when you are a newbie creator to earn money on TikTok.

This is a secret method that I am going to tell you to find a new company.

You have seen many newly launched applications in Play Store such as online earning, dating, games, etc. Approach to those companies, you will get the email address from the Play Store page of those applications.

I am telling this method because those application is trying to promote their app in the online industry. It will be very easy to get sponsorship and earn on Tiktok.

2. Live Video

The direct method to earn money on TikTok is from live video. This method gives you a direct TikTok earning option for a creator. You can use this by simply going live on TikTok.

TikTok Live Video Gift
TikTok Live Video Gift

In the live video, users can send many types of gifts. There are different types of gift of different coins. Users purchase the coins from the application through Google Play and give to their favourite creator on their live video.

This is the direct method to earn money on Tik Tok but you have to create a huge number of followers on your account.

When a user will send a gift to your live video, the coin will be added to your account. Thereafter you can convert from the coin to cash and withdraw in your PayPal account.

TikTok Balance Page
TikTok Balance Page

This is simple and easy to use a method.

3. Indirect method

This method which I am going to tell you that is an indirect earning option from the Tiktok application.

Tiktok has the option to add Instagram and YouTube accounts on the Tiktok account. Those account section will show on your Tik Tok profile.

Add Instagram and YouTube account
Add Instagram and YouTube account

When you will grow your followers very much then your user can go to your Instagram and YouTube account from the Tiktok account page. This will be a very helpful tool to promote your YouTube and Instagram accounts through your Tiktok fan base.

By this method, you can generate many followers on your YouTube and Instagram account and you can also earn on YouTube and Instagram through the followers.

However, this is an indirect option to earn money on Tiktok but this opportunity is growing day by day for the Tiktok creator to earn money on another side.


Many users thinks that the TikTok is just for the short video of acting and lip-syncing app. But I think this app is not only for this. A true influencer can grow their fanbase and monetize their efforts.

I think that I have shown the options to earn money on TikTok in deeply.

 If you have any interesting ideas to earn money on Tiktok, share your word on the comment box. If you have any queries, contact me without any hesitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TikTok is available worldwide?

Yes. TikTok is available in most countries such as United States, United Kingdom, India, etc.

How much can I earn from TikTok?

There is no limited option to earn money on TikTok. Your account followers and engagements are related to your Tiktok earning.

Is there any monetization service on Tiktok?

Till 2020, there is no option of monetization in the TikTok application.

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