How to Delete Blog on Blogger – But Avoid these 2 Mistakes

Are you using Blogger for your blog?

Want to delete?

I will show you how to delete blog on blogger in just five minutes.

I know that most of the newbie bloggers don’t have enough money to start a blog on WordPress. That’s why they start their blog on Blogger.

Keep in mind to submit your Blogger Sitemap in Google Search Console to index your blog.

If you haven’t any blog and planning to start your blogging career, read my guidelines to start a blog.

After starting a blog on Blogger, everyone wants to earn some money to convert the blog on WordPress with the best Hosting (EasyWP recommended). But they make two major mistakes at that time.

I will help you to avoid those mistakes at the bottom.

Now I am going to show the exact procedure to delete a blog on Blogger in five minutes.

How to Delete Blog on Blogger

How to Delete Blog on Blogger

Most of the bloggers delete blogs when they want to shift on WordPress from Blogger or if they don’t want to run the blog anymore. Read the tutorial carefully on how to delete blog on blogger platform without making any mistakes.

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. Login to your Blog in Blogger

Login to the particular blog

Go to the particular blog if you have multiple blogs on the Blogger account. Login to your Google account and go to the Blogspot blog which you want to delete.

2. Go to the ‘Settings’ option

Settings in Blogger

You will find the “Settings” option from the left sidebar in the Blogger. Click on the option to find the delete option.

3. Find the ‘Manage Blog’ section

Manage Blog in Blogger

After clicking on the “Settings” option, you will get a new page. Scroll down the page and find the “Manage Blog” section to delete blog on blogger.

4. Delete Blog on Blogger

How to Delete Blog on Blogger - But Avoid these 2 Mistakes 1

Now click on the “Remove your blog” option. You will see a popup window. Then click on “delete”. That’s all. Your blog will be deleted through the process.

But after the deletion you will see a image like below where are two options available.

How to Delete Blog on Blogger
Permanantly Delete Blog

You may restore your blog within 90 days after deletion. But after the period, your blog will be removed permanently.

Here if you don’t want to wait 90 days to permanently delete your blog, simply click on the “Permanently Delete” button to delete the blog. And if you want to restore the blog as it was, click on the “Undelete” button to get back.

I think that you have clearly understood about how to delete blog on blogger.


Don’t go back from the page at the time.

I am going to share the mistakes that most of the users do at the time of deletion.

You have to avoid these two mistakes at the time when you are going to delete your blog from the Blogger:

1. Don’t try to be Jealous

Most of the newbie bloggers see that others are using WordPress, then they forcefully shifted to WordPress by their mind. But at the time, focus on the permalinks.

In Blogger, there is a year and month in every post link like and after shifted on WordPress the URL becomes like

But there is another option to make a URL like a blogger in the “permalinks” section of WordPress.

If you set this as the below picture, then you don’t have any problem.

Parmalinks like Blogger
Parmalinks like Blogger

But if you change permalinks, then redirect old post URLs to new URLs and submit new URLs in Google Search Console for SEO.

2. Keep Backup File

You need the Blogger backup file to import the contents on WordPress. At the time when you want to delete, there will be a section to download the blog in the popup window.

You should download the backup file and keep this safe. Without the file, you can’t restore your blog.

I have shown the two major mistakes that users basically do the time of deletion and how to delete blog on Blogger. Carefully follow the rules to delete the blog on Blogger.

If you are facing any errors or any queries about the topic, don’t hesitate to write in the comment box.

Did you shift from Blogger to WordPress?

Let me know.

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