Top 5 Secret Strategies to create Backlinks to grow your site

Most of the bloggers try to create backlinks for their website. Building backlinks is the best way for search engine optimization.

But this is not an easy step to do. You have to follow our strategies.

Most of the users directly ask another site owner to get backlinks, but it is not a perfect way to get this.

In many forum sites, there is a huge number of queries of “How to Create Backlinks for free”. Everybody knows that it is not a simple thing to get backlinks from a popular site. That’s why I am going to share my strategies.

Create Backlinks
Create Backlinks

Before learning about our ultimate steps to build linking between sites, you should know something about backlinks.

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What is Backlink?

A backlink is a simple link between webpages. When a webpage link to another webpage, it called a backlink.

Backlinks are very important for search engine optimization (SEO). When traffic comes from a popular site, then the search engine thinks the contents are very worthy. Hence the linking between webpages is very important.

Backlinks are called ’inbound links’ or ‘incoming links’. Bloggers are very curious to get backlink at the time of beginning to get a push to grow easily.

There are two types of backlinks.

  1. Do-follow Backlink.
  2. No-follow Backlink.

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Do Follow vs No Follow Links

Are you confused about do-follow and no-follow links? Don’t worry. I am going to show the difference between them.

Do-Follow vs No-Follow Links
Do-Follow vs No-Follow Links

To find the result of ‘Do follow vs No follow’ links, go through the below words to know deeply about these type of links first. Thereafter find my strategies to create backlinks.

Do Follow Link

Do follow links gives the authority to the page. It improves rank in all search engines. The more do-follow links are more link juice. That’s why the do-follow links are very important and give a signal to the search engines to show what is the linked website about.

An example of Dofollow link:

<a href=””>DigiBusk</a>

No Follow Link

No follow links don’t pass the link juice. The only human can go or follow the link. This type of link doesn’t impact the search engine rank. The search engine bot doesn’t allow the link as a follow link.

In the comment section of a site or most of the forum sites, no follow is used to generate articles. No-follow links have no value to improve the site rank.

An example of Nofollow link:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>DigiBusk</a>

But more do-follow backlinks don’t mean higher rank on all search engines and more no-follow links don’t mean any result in search engines. A site ranking depends on many things, not only for backlinks.

I think that you have understood about backlinks and do follow vs no follow links. It should be clear for everyone to know about how to create backlinks for free.

Why do backlinks important for SEO?

Even Google doesn’t release the proper tool to understand how trustworthy a backlink is but many tools accepted that backlinks increase the chance to get a higher rank. If you want backlinks, you should make unique and quality content.

Without any proper and unique content on your site, no one will give any do-follow backlinks.

Link building is the best idea to improve search engine optimization for your site.

Backlinks improve the domain and page authorities which takes a huge contribution to improve ranking in Google (all search engines).

When more traffic comes from the backlinks, then the search engine collects the anchor text from where the traffic is coming to the site. By this method, those anchor texts become a keyword of the webpage to rank on the search engines.

After reading all details about do follow vs no follow links, try to create backlinks (do-follow) links to get a better result for your site.

How to create backlinks for your site

Creating a backlink is the most effective way to increase rank on all search engines and traffic. But it is not an easy process to create backlinks from any site. However, follow our methods to create backlinks for free.

1. Write Guest Post

Guest Post is one of the best methods to create backlinks for your site. Many websites offer for guest post and accept some backlinks which are related to the anchor text in the post. First of all, make a list of a list of those sites that accept guest posts with a backlink (Do-Follow).

Create Backlinks through Guest Post
Create Backlinks through Guest Post

After creating the list, contact the site owners to tell about the guest post queries to create backlinks. Before the method, keep some of your unique articles as a PDF or DOC file to show them. If they will happy with your work, they may approve your request.

Here is a tweet from Google Analytics,

But keep in mind that, always follow their guest post guidelines to write an article for them. You can also read our guidelines to contribute to us.

2. Approach without fear

Most of the newbie bloggers don’t contact to the highly popular website.

They think that they just have started their site. There is no minimum authority of their domain. That’s why most of the beginners think that they can’t get any backlink from popular sites.

It is true that most of the popular site does not accept any proposal from any new blogger. But in some cases, I have seen that some new sites get a backlink from the high authority domain.

For this reason, I am advising you to approach the site owner. Find their contact page or email to contact the site. In the email or contact page, don’t write any extra words. Just focus on your proposal and drop your message.

I have given an example of a proposal email to show you.

Contact to Another Site
Contact to Another Site

Always try to give a proposal for backlinks to any webpage which is related to the site. This method is very beautiful and helpful. In the email or the message, drop your article link from where the site managers will show your content to think about giving backlinks. You can try this method to create backlinks for your site.

3. Build Internal links

Internal Link building is a great way to link between all webpages. Through this way, you can push your readers to another page from popular anchor text.

Internal links pass link juice which is very helpful for search engine optimization for the site.

Internal Linking

There are several advantages of building internal links,

  • Good linking structure.
  • Proper user navigation.
  • Attract readers through linking.
  • Proper user experience.

The Internal Linking is the best method to create backlinks for newbie bloggers.

Janty Ghosh

For the method, find a unique and proper anchor text in the post. Keep in mind that you have another post which is related to the anchor text. Now link to the text through the post link. That’s all.

Neil Patel, Founder of Crazy Egg also advises building internal links to do proper search engine optimization.

4. Follow your competitors

The best method to create backlinks is to spy on your competitors. If you want to grow your site through organic traffic, then you have to serious about this.

There are so many tools in the online industry where you can check your competitors. Follow them and find that from where they are generating backlinks.

Grow 0 to 10000
Grow 0 to 10000

If you are a newbie blogger who started the website recently then you can do another thing to create backlinks.

 This is a secret tool that I am going to share with my readers.

I have tried this method and get some results when I was new in the blogging industry. Follow my steps.

  • Go to YouTube and search your blogging niche.
  • Find out some new channels that have few subscribers.
  • Go to their about section and search for their website. (I am sure that 75% of these channel owners will have their own website)
  • They are new in this platform, That’s why they are also are hunting to create backlinks to grow their site.
  • Contact them and get backlinks.

I know that it will not affect your blog because these backlinks will not be from a popular site but there are few chances to get some push for your site.

As they grow their domain authority, the authority of your backlinks will grow up continuously.

5. Content is the key

You have to write unique and detailed content.

First, focus on your content because without any good content you cannot create backlinks from any popular site for your site. Write a deep article which will be detailed about the focus keyword.

Try to make long content. Long content always helps to do better SEO.

Long Content to Create Backlinks
Long Content to Create Backlinks

But you shouldn’t create any garbage like a 6000 words article which is full of extra and garbage words. Try to focus on your content and write words to understand your thoughts to your readers.

Many of our readers think that I write very long contents but they understand my content easily.


That’s I am saying that write detailed content to show easily your users.

There is also the main thing that you should focus on the requirements of your readers. Keep an eye on the comment section and contact box to see the requirements.

Try to make content on their requirement topic.

In this way, you will make great and helpful content for your readers. Thereafter contact the other site to generate backlinks. I am damn sure that they will reply to you if you follow my rules to make content by focusing on the topic.

You can easily create backlinks for your site. These are the strategies you can use at the time of beginning and also after some growing up.

These methods will help you to achieve your goals. If you have any interesting ideas to create backlinks as a beginner, let me know in the comment section.

This was for creating backlinks but you have a question that from where you will check the backlinks of your site.


I know the question you are asking.

That’s why I am giving you some tools to check backlinks from there. Go there and check the backlinks of your site easily.

Backlink checker tool

There are so many backlink checker tools such as Google Search Console, Semrush, Aherfs, etc.

Most of the new bloggers can’t afford the premium tool at first to check their site. Here I am showing to check backlinks of your site through Google Search Console.

I think you already decided to follow my rules to create backlinks. Now verify your domain in Google Search Console.

After verifying, go to Console dashboard > Links. In this section, you will see both internal and external links of your site easily at a place.

However, I think that I have showed the best strategies to create backlinks for free. If you have any interesting ideas about this or any queries, write in the comment section below.

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