Top 5 VPNs for the Best Free VPN for PC (Free but Reliable)

There are so many VPNs in the online market. Many of them are paid and some of them are free. But some premium VPNs offer a free trial or some free features for their users. Nowadays, people are finding the best free VPN for PC. The searching number for finding free VPN for PC is rapidly growing day by day.

At the present time, there are several reasons behind the searching for free VPN for PC. The main reasons behind this,

  • A VPN helps to access the geo-restricted website.
  • Allows to protect yourself at the time of using Public Wifi.
  • VPN helps to maintain your privacy on the internet.
  • Access several streaming media like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

When people ask what is the best free VPN for PC, I always recommend premium VPNs which allow them to access some limited features for free.

Only free VPNs are very slow but they are are very safe for your PC. I have used many VPNs on my PC. That’s why I have listed the top 5 best free VPNs for PC.

It is not possible to get good and customizable VPN at free of cost. But you will get those premium VPNs to work with limited options at free of cost or may get a free trial.

Most of the time users get some limited region to connect or limited connection time in the free limited version of those VPNs for PC.

Let’s move on to find the best FREE VPN for PC.

Top 5 Best Free VPN for PC

Best Free VPN for PC
Best Free VPN for PC

I am going to introduce the 5 paid VPNs which has also free and limited version. They are safe, fast, and easy to use. The speed and setup are very fast for these VPNs. Try on your Windows 10/8/7 to work smoothly by protecting your privacy.

1. Nord VPN

In this top five list of best free VPN for PC, I will recommend you to use NordVPN. This is the best and premium VPN in the world. This is not a free VPN but you can use this for 30 days money-back guarantee. You can enjoy the service.


It’s ultra-fast connection and secure internet option help users soo much. You will get unlimited data and bandwidth from this VPN. Also, you can access Government censorship blocked content through this premium VPN.

There are 5100+ servers in 59 countries of the NordVPN. Enjoy lighting fast streaming and forget about buffering with the next generation privacy protection VPN.

There are 100+ P2P servers on the internet. Easily torrent through the NordVPN’s dedicated 100+ servers.

Top 5 VPNs for the Best Free VPN for PC (Free but Reliable) 1Top 5 VPNs for the Best Free VPN for PC (Free but Reliable) 2

NordVPN’s CyberSec option helps you to block advertisements and malware. Its ultra privacy protection helps you to protect your identity.

You can manage one account on up to 6 devices. There is a free extension of the NordVPN available on Chrome and Firefox. This VPN’s 24/7 live customer support chat help their users very much to enjoy reliable service from the VPN without any error.

2. Hotspot Shield: Fastest VPN

Hotspot Shield is a user-friendly best free VPN for PC. It is a free VPN. You can simply install it on your Windows. I installed the VPN on my Windows 10 and worked without the signup process.

Hotspot Shield
Hotspot Shield

This VPN also has a paid version but you will get 500MB data per day which is around 15GB per month. This amount of data will give you to stream around 30 minutes to 1 hour. It is a limited version but you can use it for one time to see its performance.

Hotspot Shield has the P2P server across 80+ countries. This VPN allows us to secure 5 devices through one account.

Hotspot Shield is available on major platforms and devices, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, Smart TVs, routers, and more. It will help you to manage your several devices (up to 5) through one account.

Hotspot gives you a 7 days trial for a paid membership to give an opportunity to you to realize its features. This is very good to see and use the full version in 7 days before buy.

3. ProtonVPN: High Speed Swiss VPN

ProtonVPN is basically for Windows devices. Its VPN sends traffic through encrypted VPN tunnel which prevents untrusted internet connection and puts privacy safe.


This VPN allows you to connect on startup automatically. ProtonVPN does not store data log and enables its internet service without any type of surveillance.

The headquarter of the ProtonVPN is in Switzerland and Switzerland is outside from EU and US jurisdiction. This helps to prevent the surveillance of internet traffic. This VPN works with Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, YouTube.

The VPN offers OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPSec, and L2TP/IPSec protocols with 256-bit encryption. For all the features, I have listed ProtonVPN in the list of best free VPN for PC in the third position.

ProtonVPN provides high-speed connection and 30 days money-back guarantee for the paid version. You can enjoy the service for the whole month easily.

4. TunnelBear

TunnelBear is a user-friendly VPN which uses 256-bit encryption for their users to protect their online security. The free version of this VPN offers 500MB per month. If you are interested to watch online videos or movies, then it is a low amount of the data to do this.


You may prevent the surveillance of network providers and internet providers by connecting with TunnelBear VPN. This can be the best free VPN for PC. For this low amount of data in the free version, I have listed this VPN in the 4th position of this article.

If you need some more data, you may tweet to get this. I have experience in the strategy.

TunnelBear free account includes unlimited speeds and access to servers in over 20 countries to unblock government censored websites and content. The contact support through email is available in the service.

5. Opera VPN: No Limits on Data

Opera VPN is a free VPN. It’s easy to install and unlimited data features attract and help their users so much.

Opra VPN
Opra VPN

Opera VPN fluently works with Netflix regions and YouTube as I have tested. They provide an Opera browser for your Windows device where Opera VPN is inbuilt. You can use the VPN within the browser.

The VPN does not work outside of the Opera Browser. Opera offers unlimited data and bandwidth for free, but it’s slower than most of the other free VPNs. But as a free VPN, I will recommend you to use the Opera VPN to avoid any trial, limited option, and money-back feature.

There are three server locations of Opera VPN are Europe, North America, and Asia. Opera VPN does not have any type of dedicated customer support option but you may contact them through their website.

Which is the Best Free VPN for PC?

I have seen that many users ask that which is the best free VPN for PC. That’s why I have written the article to help them. As you read the above section, I have listed the top 5 best free VPN for PC.

If you want to use a VPN for a month or with a limited option, I will recommend you to use NordVPN and Hotspot Shield. NordVPN is my best choice to use everywhere.

Top 5 VPNs for the Best Free VPN for PC (Free but Reliable) 3Top 5 VPNs for the Best Free VPN for PC (Free but Reliable) 4

But if you need a totally free browser and want to browse in a particular browser then Opera VPN is the best. As I told you that Opera VPN is inbuilt in the Opera Browser.

There is so much high security with 256-bit encryption in the free VPN which protects your privacy from third-party surveillance. You PC will be safe from hacker.

Are you thinking about the best free VPN for PC? Use one of them by understanding their features.

Write your choice in the comment section below.

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